Restroom Remodel: Pros and Cons of Wall-Hung Toilets

As a homeowner planning to remodel your restroom, one question will inevitably come across your mind – what type of toilet to install? The decision largely hangs(!) between two options: the traditional floor-mounted toilets and the sleek, modern wall-hung toilets. This guide aims to outline the pros and cons of choosing wall-hung toilets during a restroom remodel.

What are Wall-Hung Toilets?

A wall-hung toilet, as you might have guessed from its name, is mounted on the bathroom wall with its bowl suspended above the floor. Most of its plumbing – including the tank and outlet pipe – are concealed within the wall. With no contact with the floor, they lend a minimalist, refined appeal to your restroom.

The Installation Process

Generally, installing a wall-hung toilet can be pretty complex when compared with their floor-mounted counterparts. It requires that a sturdy frame be built into your bathroom wall to support both the weight of the toilet and that of its user. Worried about finding qualified professionals for the job? You can Connect here for proven experts in such installations.

The Pros of Wall-Hung Toilets

In the course of considering whether to install wall-hung toilets, it may be beneficial to consider some pros including saving space, increased cleanliness, convenience in height adjustment and seamless aesthetic that comes with it.

Space Saving Design

Wall hung toilets save considerable space because they do not have an externally visible cistern taking up room in your restroom. Such a factor can be influential in especially smaller spaces where every inch counts.

Cleanliness Enhanced

The absence of contact with the floor ensures wall-hung toilets can be cleaned easily and thoroughly. There’s no hard-to-reach corners or crevices, making for a more hygienic restroom experience.

Convenience in Height Adjustment

One huge benefit of a wall-hung toilet is that it can be installed at the most comfortable height for you! This is especially useful for households encompassing diverse heights or mobility levels.

Seamless Aesthetic Appeal

Clean lines, floating design, minimalist looks – what’s not to love? Wall-hung toilets do a great job of bringing a modern and sleek touch to restrooms, boosting its appeal.

The Cons of Wall-Hung Toilets

Despite all these advantages, wall-hung toilets come with some drawbacks as well. Primarily, they can be more complex to install and maintain, not to mention the higher purchase price.

Complex Installation Process

As mentioned earlier, installing wall-hung toilets involves adding a sturdy frame to your restroom wall. That can mean more construction work, thus making it costlier and more time-consuming than traditional floor-mounted models.

Maintenance Challenges

Despite being modern pieces of art, wall-hung toilets often face maintenance challenges due to their concealed parts. When any repairs are needed, accessing the cistern or outlet pipe might open another round of hammering and drilling into your bathroom walls.

Premium Pricing

The costs involved in installation, coupled with the initial purchase price makes wall-hung toilets a pricier option. It requires an upfront investment which pays off in terms of aesthetics and space saving advantages.

Structural Demands

Weighing the pros and cons, it is also crucial to remember that not every restroom can accommodate wall-hung toilets. Your bathroom’s structural integrity needs to be top-notch for supporting such a toilet system. It demands a thorough assessment of the site beforehand.

Wrap-Up Thoughts

When it comes to upgrading your restroom, choosing between floor-mounted and wall-hung toilets boils down to your personal preferences, budget, and available space. While wall-hung toilets offer modern aesthetics and space-saving potential, they do pose significant considerations in terms of installation complexity, maintenance, and cost. However, when installed correctly and maintained well, wall-hung toilets can certainly elevate your restroom experience with their sleek design and hygienic appeal.