Number of Columns in the United States Capitol Building

US capitol building

The United States Capitol in Washington, DC is one of the most recognizable buildings in the country, serving as a symbol of the United States Congress and the legislative branch. The House of Representatives and Senate meet, debate, and discuss national legislation in the Capitol Building. President George Washington selected and awarded … Read more

Did All Greek Temples Have Columns?

Greek temple

In ancient Greek religion, Greek temples were constructions designed to contain deity statues within Greek sanctuaries. Due to the fact that deities’ sacrifices and rituals took place outside of the temples, the temple interiors were not used as assembly places, but rather as sanctuaries in their own right. It was common practice … Read more

Ancient Greek Buildings That Have Columns

Greek buildings

The first defined set of architectural norms was introduced in Ancient Greek architecture, which went on to influence Roman architecture and, as a result, architecture to this day. The Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian architectural orders emerged in ancient Greece at the beginning of what is now known as the Classical period. The … Read more

Tips for Painting Architectural Columns

A hallway with concrete columns

When we talk about columns many people assume that they are present just for the sake of support and bearing the load of the overall structure. While it may be true, their main purpose is to provide the extra touch of elegance and an attractive look. It is important to understand that … Read more

Get to Know More About the Temple of Artemis

Temple of Artemis as seen from Jerash, Jordan

The ancient world as we know it is filled with several wonders, especially enormous temples and buildings. One of the most famous architecture would probably be the Temple of Artemis. That is why in this article, we are going to learn more about the Temple’s history. History of the Temple of Artemis … Read more

Similarities and Differences Between Roman and Greek Architecture


We all know how the Greek and Roman architectural styles influenced our world today. Different architectural marvels were built within the Greek and Roman empires thousands of years ago, which are known to exist today still. These structures built by brilliant ancient architects have a significant impact on our modern building designs. … Read more

Top Architectural Works That Are Situated On Mountains

MMM Dolomites

Isn’t it great to go on a vacation on top of a mountain, enjoying the beautiful scenery? Furthermore, it would be better if you can enjoy such breath-taking views while inside the comfort of a house or building built on top of the mountains. This idea might sound uncommon, but there are … Read more

Best Architectural Monuments to See in Greece

Parthenon under restoration in 2008

Many of us might be aware of the architectural marvels of ancient Greek. Their incredible infrastructures have paved their way through history, which is still apparent today. Today, we can several architectural monuments built by Greek, showcasing their fascinating design. Their style is easily noticeable, mainly because of the neoclassical look that … Read more

Interesting Facts About Greek Architecture

Interesting Facts About Greek Architecture

Greek architecture is renowned across the world, as it provided some of the best and stunning structures in ancient times, which has inspired many towns and cities that came after them and even transcended to museums, monuments, and government buildings throughout the globe today. No surprise, as Greek architects flair for columns, … Read more

History of The Parthenon

History of The Parthenon

Built during the peak of the ancient Greek Empire, the Parthenon serves as one of the most significant monuments in Greece and one of the most renowned architectural masterpieces in the world. Dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena Parthenos, the temple dominates the Acropolis hill at Athens and is deemed the Doric … Read more