Do You Need Commercial Roofing Services? Pay Attention to these Signs

Have you ever assumed that your commercial roof is in pristine condition? Sometimes, it’s those assumptions that put us in trouble. You can take proper care of your commercial roof by consulting with a professional roofing company and not making guesses. False assumptions are pretty common among commercial building owners.

You typically think that your shop’s roof is in good condition when it’s really not. Putting off commercial roofing repairs and maintenance can bring major issues down the line. You shouldn’t wait for the day when your roof becomes unrepairable. Below are the telltale signs that indicate your commercial roof needs urgent repairs.

The Lifespan of a Commercial Roof

the lifespan of commercial roofs based on the roofing materials used by the contractor. A rubber roof like EPDM can last for 25 years to 50 years. Spray foam roofing can also last for more than five decades. Check whether your present roof has aged beyond its warranty period.

If your commercial roof is no longer covered by warranty, act swiftly and arrange for an inspection. The last thing you will want is to bear the cost of a complete roof replacement. Regular roof inspections can be advantageous for your roof’s overall condition.

Persistent Leaks

Leaks are one of those signs that indicate something is seriously wrong with your commercial roof. Although leaks are a common problem in older commercial buildings, you can’t downplay threats posed by them.

Water stains on walls and ceilings are indicators of water seeping inside your building through the leak. You might notice dripping water when it is raining. Ignoring these signs can damage the interiors of the building.

Water Accumulation

Since commercial roofs tend to have flat roofs, they face a higher risk of water accumulation than residential properties. Water accumulation can damage your building’s structural stability. Standing water can occur due to clogged drainage systems and poor workmanship. You can hire the best Coeur d’alene roofing company to address the problem of water accumulation in your commercial roof.

Wear and Tear Can be Easily Spotted

Visible wear and tear are an indicator that there are issues with your commercial roof. A visual inspection of the commercial roof regularly can help you assess its condition. Listed are the signs of visible wear and tear you should search for.

  • Missing or cracked shingles
  • The accumulation of debris on downspouts and gutters
  • Flashing around the roof penetrations is damaged
  • Formation of blisters in the roofing material

Rusting of Roof Flashing

The strips of metal or roof flashing of your commercial roof can rust over time. It is a common phenomenon that happens due to the flashing’s exposure to atmospheric elements. Schedule regular roofing inspections to safeguard the roof’s flashing from extensive damage.

Damaged roof flashing is one of the reasons behind water penetration. Contact professional roofing companies to make sure that your flashing is properly sealed.

Bad Odors Inside the Commercial Building

Musky smells inside your building indicate there is something wrong with the roof. Moreover, persistent roof leakage problems can facilitate the growth of mold. Mold can put everyone’s health under the scanner. It contributes to poor indoor air quality, which increases the risk of developing respiratory problems.

You can confirm the presence of mold by checking areas where leaks are common. The best way to keep moisture levels low inside your building is by hiring commercial roofing companies. They can fix your leaky roof and arrest the growth of mold.

Increased Energy Bills

Your commercial building’s roof plays a crucial role in lowering energy consumption. A damaged roof can lead to higher energy bills. Furthermore, damaged commercial roofs tend to lose most of their reflectivity. It prompts your building’s air conditioners to work harder, thereby increasing your energy bills.

By simply paying attention to your roof, you can reduce energy consumption bills and promote a comfortable working environment. Professional roofing companies can restore your roof depending on its existing condition.

A well-maintained commercial roof is crucial for the safety and energy efficiency of your property. Ignoring signs of wear and tear or roof damage can lead to significant problems. One of the most effective ways to safeguard your commercial roof is by hiring Advance Roofing LLC. They have a good reputation for repairing and replacing commercial roofs.