5 Beautiful Stone Splashback Ideas For Your Kitchen

When you’re concerned about kitchen renovation and design, there are only a few elements that you should consider. Some vital things to look for are bench tops, quality appliances, cupboards, etc. while all these are in proper order, you ensure a great-looking kitchen space.

However, the main thing that creates all the difference in your cooking space is the splashbacks. The splashbacks protect the cooking area walls from oils and other liquids, adding a beautiful appeal to the whole area. Due to these reasons, every homeowner should consider having good-quality splashbacks. The most trendy backsplash idea for decorating the kitchen space is stone kitchen splashbacks.

Following are some of the best stone splashback ideas for upgrading your kitchen:

Granite Stone Kitchen Splashbacks

Due to their tensile strength and long-lasting nature, granite splashbacks have become the gold standard for every other household kitchen. Splashbacks made of granite stone are known for their superior durability and are also very easy to maintain. If you’re not a fan of continuous scrubbing, these will ensure you’re not involved with doing such work. These are pristinely glossed, smooth, and free of any stains.

Granite has less porosity, meaning there are fewer crevices and scratches on the surface for spilled substances and bacteria for seepage. Additionally, granite splashbacks are resistant to water, meaning they don’t warp or discolour over time. With contrasting colours, you can create magnificent one-off design patterns.

Marble Splashbacks

These are the second most common in the kitchen, as they’re renowned for bestowing elegance and value to the space where they’re installed. You won’t have trouble finding the perfect marble variant for installation with many design options and colours. You can get spectacular value with any marble.

Besides all the aesthetic benefits, these splashbacks also ensure that your cooking space looks clean with the best hygiene for a lifetime.

Engineered Stone For Kitchen

As the name suggests, it is artificial and has all the essential benefits you look for in a cooking space. These are non-porous and compact, offering the best bacteria and stain resistance. The best thing is that it is free of any maintenance, unlike other natural stones that you would need to seal often.

As it is manufactured, there are many options for designs to select from. That being said, some people prefer organic and the unique appeal of genuine natural stones, as it offers nature’s touch to the house. It is a rigid material, and its hardness helps to prevent kitchen stains and scratches, even after extended cooking sessions.

Quartz Stone Splashbacks

Quartz splashbacks are artificially produced from around 90% ground quartz and 8 to 10% polymers. It is an outstanding choice for worktops and splashbacks, and up-stands.

Quartz is stain-proof and non-porous, hygienic, and simple to clean. It offers better heat resistance with top-notch durability, so you can have kitchen up-stands or quartz splashbacks behind a hob type. These can be shaped, drilled, and polished according to preferences. You get these a maximum of 3m in length to have full sheets without visible seams.

Tavertine Natural Stone

It is a limestone tile type with attractive characteristics like unique specks and prominent colours. The colours differ from each other, and it highlights the individuality of each tile. It’s rare to find two tiles that look the same. The most common colours are gold, ivory, grey, and brown. With these travertine backsplashes, you can create a distinctive appearance in the kitchen area.

Besides these, there are many natural stone materials you can select for stone kitchen splashbacks – but whichever you choose, the protruding and jagged design can make a significant impact.


Based on the appearance you’re looking for with the functionality, maintenance, and longevity – you can select the most suitable one from any of the materials mentioned above as splashbacks for home cooking areas. After carefully considering all the information mentioned above, you can select the one you need.