What are the most famous ceilings in the world?

Peacock Room in Castello di Sammezzano, exotic colors, arched ceiling

People sometimes think of ceilings as plain and ordinary. They are often overlooked, and sometimes, they do not receive attention like any other aspects of the house. However, when talking about mesmerizing and jaw-dropping ceilings, the world has plentiful of them. And these architectural masterpieces could undoubtedly capture most of the people’s … Read more

7 Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas

7 Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas

The sustainable lifestyle is taking the world by storm positively. Fortunately, everyone is taking an active role in being environmentally aware by reducing carbon footprint through simple means like recycling, waste management, and lessening pollution. We can assume that giant leap towards a more sustainable lifestyle in our little way of using … Read more

What Are the Major Historical Architectural Buildings in Texas?

capitol building in texas

Whether it’s the Spanish mission-style, Victorian, Romanesque Revival, or contemporary style, Texas is home to diverse architectural styles that have gone through different eras. The variety of buildings are one of the things that Texans are proud of as they also speak of the state’s distinctive culture and heritage. This article lists … Read more