Why Spring Is The Best Time To Pick An Exterior Paint Project

As spring arrives, it is time to clear the clutter and invest time and effort in spring cleaning. You will be keen to get a new look and feel for the interiors by purging and deep cleaning them. You may also have a fresh coat of paint for the walls of your living space on your checklist this season. Why not pick an exterior paint project as well? Spring is ideal for this reasons. Let us explain why you should plan an exterior revamp for your home this spring.

A fresh feel makes you happy

The season is about renewal, and a fresh feel inside out makes you happy. You can even pick a vibrant shade for your exteriors to add to the curb appeal. Try a trendy shade in green, or choose a classy jewel tone to create a flaunt-worthy look. You can even refresh your exterior doors, porch railings, and trim for an extra touch of brightness. Your place will be ready for the outdoor parties ahead.

Daylight is longer

Days get longer, and temperatures rise when winter recedes. It means your painters will have more daylight hours to work on the project. Moreover, the weather is mild, and working outdoors and supervising the project does not entail discomfort. There are fewer chances of rain and extreme heat ruining the project. Use the weather and daylight to your advantage, and wrap up the project before it gets too hot.

Finding a contractor is easy

Another good reason to start the project in spring is the ease of finding a contractor. Hiring a professional for house painting is easier in early spring because most homeowners wait until later. You can get the best one working on your project without struggling with dates and pricing. Their quotes are likely to be more competitive because their schedules are still not tight.

Less foliage comes in the way

Trees and bushes are not in full bloom in early spring. So it makes an ideal time for an exterior project. Your painter will have easy access to move freely on the ground and in the air so they can reach every nook and cranny. You can expect a better finish because overgrown trees and shrubs do not obstruct areas around the exterior walls and roofing. Do not wait for the foliage to grow and make it harder for painters.

Increase the value of your home

If you plan to sell your home shortly, expect more buyers dropping in during early spring. Realtors recommend it as the best season to put your home on the market to sell. An exterior paint project can enhance the value of your home by making a great first impression on potential buyers. The best part is that painting is cost-effective yet offers hefty value addition.

An exterior paint project should be on your home improvement wishlist this spring. Find a seasoned professional for the job and get started sooner than later for a bright and flaunt-worthy outdoor space.