Guide to spotting the best-in-class realtor

Spotting the top teams working in the field of real estate can be a cumbersome task for one. You will find many realtors in your google search list, which might make you feel stuck in a dilemma about choosing the best in your area.

This blog will help you list the best realtors in Phoenix and Scottsdale. The rising demand of companies like the Kay-Grant Group in the real estate market is growing rapidly. Buying and selling a broad spectrum of properties has become a child’s play, thanks to the meticulous work of these Phoenix and Scottsdale-based realtors. But what makes realtors like them stand out from the crowd? Read ahead to know more.

Getting pre-approved is the right way

It is a common practice to dive right into the home search without talking things out concerning mortgages. This makes it indispensable to contact a mortgage lender and list the budget you can afford. Becoming pre-approved when it comes to mortgages will help you to know the maximum amount of money that can be borrowed and whether there is an issue to work out prior—wondering how it is useful further?

It helps you narrow down your search based on your price range. Moreover, you can find a good number of professional real estate agents. The market has become highly competitive, which requires you to submit a pre-approval letter for the sellers so that your offer can even be considered.

Referrals and family recommendations always work

Recommendations have always been one of the most reliable sources when you are looking to buy a commodity or a service. The ideal situation is where you would work with the realtors with whom your friends or relatives have already worked. This builds a natural level of trust for you to work with.

While looking for a realtor, you should check if they are an existing member of the National Association of Realtors, also called NAR. They must follow the code of ethics set by the group. It will be beneficial if you look for specific certifications which prove that the realtors are professionally trained. Phoenix-based realtors such as the Kay-Grant Group have been certified by more than one higher authoritative organization.

Some designations are as follows-

  1. Certified Residential Specialist- has finished the additional training in handling real estate.
  2. Accredited Buyer’s Representative- has finished the additional training for representing the residential buyers for transactions.
  3. Seniors Real Estate Specialists- are the ones who have finished training, which is aimed at aiding the buyers and sellers who are aged fifty-plus.

Requesting references is a must

Your realtor hunt will be incomplete if you do not ask for references. It is necessary to check out the testimonials of recent clients to understand the quality of the work provided by the realtor. Make some calls and ask the clients about their experience hiring a specific realtor.

Don’t be scared of researching

Checking the online presence of a particular realtor is extremely necessary for this current age of the internet. Their websites and social media presence will undoubtedly make their first impression on you. It would be helpful if you check the reviews, their locality of work, and current licenses they behold. It will give you a better idea about the agency and further help you draw a comparison out of a group of them.


Hunting down the best in any field is a challenging task. But, if you go through the process strategically, you can successfully narrow your search. So, next time you look for the best realtors, don’t hesitate to take the necessary steps.