Unique Bathroom Building Ideas Tips

There’s something amazing about a very beautiful bathroom. And by beautiful, we mean a room that’s not only clean, but aesthetically-pleasing.

We all love a fancy bathroom! It makes us feel calm, happy, and well, comfortable.

If you are looking for ways on how to build or remodel your bathroom at home, then chances are you are overwhelmed with many choices. Bathroom renovation websites, magazines, and inspirations on Instagram and Pinterest are all lovely, making it hard for you to decide which design you are going for.

Aside from the overall look of the bathroom, there are a lot of factors at play that you need to consider when building or remodeling your bathroom.

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Set your budget

Before anything else, first, you should set how much you are willing to shelf out to set your limits. Without a solid budget, building the bathroom of your dreams may cost you an arm and leg.

What you should do is to research local custom building costs, canvas, set a realistic budget, and stick to the plan. This stage will be much easier for you if you hire a remodeling contractor to do the estimates for you.

Building or rebuilding a bathroom gets expensive because of labor costs, but remember that your bathroom is your investment. Therefore, you should work with only the best—people and materials alike. Working with high-skilled contractors means you are allowing professionals to take the burden out of your shoulders.

To set a realistic budget, you should think about these factors:

  1. What can you afford?
  2. What are the parts of the bathroom should you invest more in?
  3. Do you want to change the plan of plumbed-in items?
  4. Are you going to sell your house in a few years?

Choose what type of bathroom are you going for

Bathrooms come in a variety of shapes and layouts. And chances are, you don’t know what to do with yours yet. To help you actualize and integrate your thoughts, you can seek help from an experienced interior designer. For instance, if you have a small bathroom and you are struggling with how you can make it spacious, an interior designer can help you with your problem.

Here are the common types of bathroom:

Standard bathroom – Also known as full bath, it contains only the essentials: toilet, sink, shower or bath, or both.

Half bathroom – Also known as a powder room, it is a small space that only has a sink and toilet. This room is usually used by guests so that they don’t invade your personal bathroom space.

Wet bathroom – This is a type of bathroom where the shower is not behind a shower curtain or is not in a separated cubicle. This type of bathroom is completely waterproofed, including the furniture inside. This is the usual approach to modern bathrooms nowadays. However, this is more costly than the other types.

Develop a layout

So, you have finally decided which type of bathroom you are going for. Now, it’s about time to plan the layout with your interior designer. Before you think about the aesthetics of your bathroom, you have to carefully plan the layout. Rearrange plumbing walls and fixtures if necessary, but this may cost more.

You can ask your interior designer to render a 3D presentation to see what your new bathroom will look like. That way, you can explore several approaches until you finally realize what you really love.

Plan the lighting

Lighting is perhaps the most overlooked part of a bathroom makeover. Lights set the whole mood of the room—it can make or break the whole bathroom. Keep this in mind.

Of course, nothing tops natural lighting, as this makes the bathroom more spacious and brighter. If your bathroom has a big window, you may consider putting the mirror where you will be facing the source of natural light (your window).

Plan ventilation

Of course, a fancy bathroom is not complete with proper ventilation. All bathrooms need adequate ventilation to prevent bacteria and viruses from growing. Exhaust fans and window vents are common types of ventilation.

Add a flair of luxury

Now that the essentials are done, it’s time to get creative! Follow your heart and own your space! Heated floors, heated towel rails, plants, wall-mounted cabinets, and more are some little flairs you can add in your bathroom.


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