Our Four Favourite Home Decor Accessories

Everyone has a different taste and style in decorating their home. Some people love a modern setting while others want a splash of the country in their upscale apartment. While your style will vary as you age, there are important home decor accessories that pair with all types of interior styles. If you are on a budget, wholesale home decor stores and websites have a large selection of affordable products. After you have the basic furniture set into a room, you stare at the blank walls wondering how to accessorize. Accessorizing a room can be fun if you know what types of accessories are available. Do you want a large wall hanging with tea lights? Would the room look better with green plants? What decorations look good on a coffee table? As you sort through all of your style ideas, here are the top four quick interior design tricks to get you started. If you don’t have enough budget to improve the appearance of your home, read these tips for decorating on a budget

1. Flower Vases

Flower vases go with any style. Vases can be simple or extravagant. You can purchase vases at garage sales, wholesale home decor websites like Abbott Collection, craft stores, and high-end boutiques. Flower vases range from a dollar to thousands of dollars. If you love a modern look, some vases have sleek and sharp angles. If you would like a country-style kitchen, you can purchase a round vase with checkered or wooden print. Flowers will greatly complement your colour pallet. A lovely white iris looks stunning in a luxurious silver kitchen. Many life-like flowers require little maintenance. If you cannot bring fresh flowers home, fake flowers will still bring joy and a splash of colour to any room.

2. Mirrors

Staring at a blank wall can feel daunting. You may look at the space not knowing exactly how to complement it properly. Mirrors make a statement. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. This versatility will make it easy for you to find one to fit anywhere in your home whether it is in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living room. If you would like a rustic theme, there are mirrors with a deep cherry wood border to accent your wall colour. If your living room is contemporary, a black sleek border may do the trick. Starburst mirrors are becoming increasingly popular. These mirrors add a fun shape and movement to your blank canvas. The jagged points and delicate design can complement or contrast a neutral wall colour. Mirrors are used by many interior designers to create a focal point in any wall design.

3. An Art Combination

Empty walls should be thought of as big canvasses and room for your creativity. You may not know how to fill the wall space without over cluttering it. Combining pieces of art is an easy way to quickly fill up space without creating chaos. When you hang up one piece of art, it may look amazing but does not fill the needed gaps. Combining small art pieces and separating them to hang near one another is a great way to fill up the space and tie together the theme of the room. If you are on a budget, you can shop wholesale home decor websites to find the perfect pieces. You could also use one large painting and cut it into four to five squares or rectangles, and frame them. Once they are frames, you can hang them in a group on your wall with spaces in between each frame. This creates a fun piece without spending thousands of dollars on your home decor.

4. Bowls

Bowls make the perfect centrepiece and countertop holder. Bowls are made of glass, silver, ceramic, brass, wood, and other delightful materials. The wide range of composition makes bowls an easy way to decorate your home without much thought. They are the perfect accessory for your coffee table, bureau, kitchen table, and countertop. In a beach-themed bathroom, you could add a bowl printed with the ocean to hold fresh cloths for family and guests. In the kitchen, a large bowl is a perfect piece to add fresh flowers or fruits for easy accessibility. Interior designers may suggest filling the bowl with colourful rocks, beads, stones, and potpourri. Bowls are versatile. They will match any style, look, and theme in any room in your home. Bowls are a quick and easy method of decorating your home without cluttering your home.