What Is Minimalism In Architecture?

Do you feel exhausted? Are you tired of all the clamor of the bustling city you’re living in?  Today, there are tons of distractions and noises you would see and hear simply by stepping out of your home. All of these things will add up to your stress, anxiety, and whatever negative emotion you currently feel.

If you are living in an active city, let’s say the City of New York, one of the busiest cities in the world, as you walk down its streets during the day, you would see tons of people and cars passing by. If you stroll at night, you will have the same sight as if in the daytime. So the city is awake 24/7, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

As you go to your house and want to ease out the stress and feel relaxed, would you rather see a house that looks like the nerve-wracking streets of New York? Or would you prefer a solemn and cozy atmosphere, a place you would consider calling home?

Minimalism in Architecture

In our time, there is this particular style in architecture where you can simplify your house designs: maximize your room space and de-stress the atmosphere of your room. This type of architectural style is called minimalism. Minimalism is the art of removing all unnecessary things and distractions and simply focusing on utility, elegance, and simplicity.

When designing using minimalism, it circles on the idea that “having less is having more.” By removing all the unnecessary things, you are having “less.” When you’re having less of the unnecessary things, you will have “more” time to focus on what is important. And when you are able to focus on what is important, then the reflection of the inner beauty will stand out.

Preference of a Minimalist

In conventional architecture, there are abundant designs, styles, and ideas that a designer can choose from. On the other hand, a true minimalist will only prefer particular things to put on their designs, not simply to limit their ideas but to enrich their experience by making the most out of what they only need.

Minimalists only want the things in their life that matter. And the things that matter to them are given space and emphasis to enhance their value. In most cases, this preference of a minimalist would eventually become a virtue of possessing only the necessity.

This is when you start to purchase what is needed and not what you want, you will develop a personality that will reflect in every aspect of your life. And this virtue in a minimalist gives them happiness and freedom from the impulsiveness of the materialistic world.

Becoming a Minimalist

Not everyone can, but any person could become a minimalist. Being a minimalist is not just an idea that stroke the mind and started to change his styles and preferences. It is not just a matter of making your design simpler or grabbing a minimalist dinnerware to become one. It is a quality in a person that needs to be developed over time.

Let’s say you became inspired by the idea of minimalism, then you start to limit your designs and the things that you put in your house. However, if your true personality does not coincide with the true meaning of minimalism, then all the things you change will eventually fall from their proper place.

To be a genuine minimalist, you need to develop it in your own nature; you need to believe in the idea of it and then practice it. It is not just an overnight project that you usually do in high school, but minimalist needs to be your character. It is about re-aligning yourself with focusing on the things that matter and on what’s important. Then by focusing only on what’s important, you will have a clearer vision of the meaning of life and a better standpoint of utilizing the things you own.

The true meaning of minimalism is prioritizing, awareness of your relationships with other people, selecting your personal things, and utilizing your energy and time. It is about being a true person while neglecting the superficial. Minimalism is a matter of highlighting the beauty, life, and the true purpose of things we currently have.


If you are looking forward to a simple but optimum design for your house, a minimalist style might be the perfect choice for you. There are many different styles you can choose from when it comes to decorating your home, and minimalism is definitely something you should consider. A minimalist house design is perfect for giving a warm and positive feeling, which helps you relax and relieve stress after a long week at work. It also hides various eyesores you can typically see inside the house. Minimalism sticks to its principle that having less is having more.