Number of Columns in the United States Capitol Building

US capitol building

The United States Capitol in Washington, DC is one of the most recognizable buildings in the country, serving as a symbol of the United States Congress and the legislative branch. The House of Representatives and Senate meet, debate, and discuss national legislation in the Capitol Building. President George Washington selected and awarded … Read more

Did All Greek Temples Have Columns?

Greek temple

In ancient Greek religion, Greek temples were constructions designed to contain deity statues within Greek sanctuaries. Due to the fact that deities’ sacrifices and rituals took place outside of the temples, the temple interiors were not used as assembly places, but rather as sanctuaries in their own right. It was common practice … Read more

Ancient Greek Buildings That Have Columns

Greek buildings

The first defined set of architectural norms was introduced in Ancient Greek architecture, which went on to influence Roman architecture and, as a result, architecture to this day. The Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian architectural orders emerged in ancient Greece at the beginning of what is now known as the Classical period. The … Read more

Expressionism in Architecture – Where Is It Used Most?

Expressionism buildings

Expressionism is a form of art in which the artist aims to capture the subjective feelings and reactions that objects and events elicit in the viewer rather than objective reality. The artist achieves this goal through the use of distortion, exaggeration, primitivism, and fantasy, as well as the vivid, jarring, violent, or … Read more

Some of the Most Famous Buildings in Thailand

Thailand buildings

For centuries, Thai architecture has served as a symbol of the country and its people’s belief in the importance of community and religion, and the country’s architectural legacy reflects both of these aspects. The architectural traditions of many of Thailand’s neighboring countries have influenced Thailand’s vernacular and religious buildings, which have developed … Read more

What is Beaux-Arts Architecture?

Facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, by Richard Morris Hunt (1902)

If there is something grand that history has given the modern world, it would be the great minds that inspired several (and mostly) magnificent architectural movements. Architectural movements had undoubtedly left their marks on the face of every corner of the world. Standing at their full grandeur, they continuously bring fascination and … Read more

What are the most famous ceilings in the world?

Peacock Room in Castello di Sammezzano, exotic colors, arched ceiling

People sometimes think of ceilings as plain and ordinary. They are often overlooked, and sometimes, they do not receive attention like any other aspects of the house. However, when talking about mesmerizing and jaw-dropping ceilings, the world has plentiful of them. And these architectural masterpieces could undoubtedly capture most of the people’s … Read more

What Are the Major Historical Architectural Buildings in Texas?

capitol building in texas

Whether it’s the Spanish mission-style, Victorian, Romanesque Revival, or contemporary style, Texas is home to diverse architectural styles that have gone through different eras. The variety of buildings are one of the things that Texans are proud of as they also speak of the state’s distinctive culture and heritage. This article lists … Read more

Some Amazing Home Décor Ideas For Christmas

Home Décor Ideas For Christmas

There is no denying the fact that Christmas celebrations are not limited to any place because people belonging to any town, city, or village love seeing holiday decorations everywhere. People like to decorate every part of their home, including living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, yards, and gardens, etc. to make them look unique … Read more

Tips for Painting Architectural Columns

A hallway with concrete columns

When we talk about columns many people assume that they are present just for the sake of support and bearing the load of the overall structure. While it may be true, their main purpose is to provide the extra touch of elegance and an attractive look. It is important to understand that … Read more