About Virtual and Video Real Estate Tours, and Which is better

Tours are a remarkable way to show your home to potential buyers, allowing them a peek into what the property is truly like from all possible angles. Realtors generally choose from two major types: a virtual tour and a video walk-through. Although they each have unique benefits, some prefer one over the other.

So, a common question arises about which is better, a Virtual Tour vs Walk Through Video. While many agents use both types of tours, it is vital to understand how each one works and why you might want to choose one over another.

The following brief guide elucidates the concept to help newbies make the correct choice for their marketing needs.

About virtual tours

This tour is a 360-degree (or panoramic) image of the property. Professional photographers take photos with state-of-the-art cameras, capturing even the most remote parts of a property. Viewers can zoom in on any specific part and study it carefully. It also creates 3D models of properties that can be used on websites and in brochures to show potential buyers what their new home will look like if they buy it.

Invariably, you get an immersive experience of what it would be like to be standing in that space. You can allocate a portion of your advertisement budget to create these interactive tours for all listings and sell them faster.

What are Video tours?

Video tours are another way to show the interior of a property, usually created by realtors walking through a property and recording every room to highlight its unique features. They can be created by anyone with a smartphone and are often used in marketing campaigns.

Many use them to showcase an apartment or property for sale, demonstrate the features and benefits of a product, or show how to use a new piece of equipment.  A de facto tour is when someone walks around with their smartphone and records what they see. The video is then uploaded to social media or a blog.

However, creating high-quality videos can be time-consuming, especially if you need to edit them afterward. If you plan on making video walkthroughs yourself, it’s helpful to be familiar with basic video editing techniques. There are also many free video editing software options available online. But before filming, resize any photos you plan to include in your video walkthrough. [how to resize an image anchor] This will ensure that the image quality remains high and doesn’t affect the overall professionalism of your video.

Which is better?

So, which should you choose between a virtual tour vs walk through video? The answer depends on your budget, specific requirements, and other critical factors. But while many budget-constrained professionals choose video tours, virtual ones offer more benefits.

The most significant difference between virtual tours and videos is that with a video, you are watching someone else walk through the house while they narrate what they see. However, with a virtual tour, people feel as though they are walking through the property themselves, making the experience truly immersive. It allows them to see things that wouldn’t otherwise be visible from outside windows or doors because they can only go into certain parts at certain times.

Hiring a professional is advisable

You can hire a professional to make a high-end virtual tour for your business at affordable rates. These sophisticated and interactive tools can help you sell your properties faster, ensuring potential clients have an excellent idea of what the property is like before they buy it. Look for someone with at least a decade of industry experience, providing various services such as drone photography and others besides virtual tours.

You can look at work samples on their website and call for more details to establish authenticity before hiring them. Invariably, you can be assured of the highest quality interactive tours of your listings in no time.